Auditory Processing Domain Questionnaire (APDQ)
The APDQ is a screening tool for students with listening and learning challenges.

About the APDQ


The APDQ is a differential screening tool for childrenís listening and learning which looks at the relative strength of a student's auditory processing, attention, and language skills. Authored by Dr. Brian OíHara, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician in Honolulu, Hawaii, It has a 2016 copyright and is available for online use in 2023.

Using this questionnaire, parents and/or teachers of 7 to 18 year-olds rate a studentís skills on 50 key items which can be readily observed in daily life.

A REPORT is then made outlining the studentís relative risk profile for Hearing-Auditory Processing, Attention and Language-Learning disorders.

REPORT findings have been very useful in guiding clinical referrals, with screening accuracy reported in the 70 to 85% range. The questionnaire has been translated into seven foreign languages and recommend as a screening tool for APD by consensus panels from the American Academy of Audiology and the New Zealand Audiological Society.

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